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Where is ShadesbyKC located as of now?

• As of Oct 5th 2020 we are located in Henderson Nevada 

Will these shades protect my eyes?

Yes! All of our shades are UV400 protected 

How long will my package take to deliver?

•Allow one processing day and your order will be shipped the next (Excluding Sunday’s) we will update your order number with USPS tracking excluding holidays (orders placed on holidays will go out the next day when the holiday is over

Does ShadesbyKC have an Instagram page?

•Yes our Instagram page is ShadesbyKC on Facebook and Instagram 

How are the sunglasses shipped for protection?

•We ship all of our sunglasses in a box to ensure no damage is done during the delivery process.

What if my items come damaged?

•If your items come damaged during the shipping process then please email so we can fix the issue ASAP

How should I contact the owner

•You can contact KC by simply filling out the contact button on our website and it will send out a direct email straight to the owner.